Apply From Abroad

These are the essential general guidelines to become a student at ORT Technical Institute if you are currently living abroad. Please read this carefully and make sure to complete all the steps. When you complete the application process and upon acceptance, ORT will send you an I-20 Form which is necessary to apply for an F-1 Student Visa. You will also be required to have an interview at a US consulate or embassy in your country.

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You will need to complete a ORT application. Our staff is available to assist you by email at or by phone at 847.324.5588. Fill out an application and send it to us by e-mail, fax: 847-324-5580, or mail (see address below).

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Other Essential Documents and Fees

  • • Present evidence of financial funds.
  • • Send a copy of your high school diploma.
  • • Send a copy of your college transcript if available.
  • • $850 International Student Deposit payable to ORT Technical Institute by cashier’s check, credit card, bank draft, or money order.
    • • $95 non-refundable I-20 fee
    • • $755 tuition deposit (this amount will be credit toward your tuition when you register for classes.)


In the event that you choose not to start classes at ORT, all but $350 will be returned to you.
If you are denied a visa all but $95 I-20 fee will be returned to you.

Please send the payment and documents to:

Chicago ORT Technical Institute
International Admissions
5440 Fargo Avenue
Skokie, IL 60077 USA

We will send then you an I-20 Form that you will use to apply for the student visa (F-1).

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If you have dependents (a spouse or children coming with you to the US) you will need to provide the following documents for them:

  • • Copy of Current and Valid Passport for Each Dependent: The date of expiration on each passport must be dated at least 6 months later than your entry date to the United States. Only a copy of the picture and personal information page of the passport is necessary.
  • • Proof of Familial Relationship:
    • • Spouse: Copy of Marriage Certificate: The certificate should be translated into English and notarized.
    • • Children: Copy of Birth Certificate: The certificate should be translated into English and notarized.
  • • Proof of Additional Financial Evidence: In addition to the $8,000-9,000 necessary for yourself, you must provide proof of $3,740 more for each dependent.

• Our friendly and supportive multilingual staff is available to assist you.