Digital Graphics and Web Design Certificate Course Outline


This program will prepare a student for employment as an entry level Graphic Designer.

This program is available both day and evening, meeting five times per week. The program meets approximately 5 hours per class session for a total of 24 hours per week. Students are required to take Employment Preparation and Communication & Customer Relations courses. This brings the program’s length to 33 semester credit hours or 720 classroom hours. The program comprises of approximately 30 weeks of instruction for both day and evening programs.

Course Number Course Title Total Hours Academic Semester Credit Hours
CP100 Computers Essentials 30 1
GW110 Introduction to Digital Imaging 90 4
GW111 Computer Illustration 90 4
GW120 Introduction to Page Layout 90 4
GW121 Typographic Design 60 3
GW122 Advanced Imaging Techniques 60 3
GW140 Website Design I 90 4
GW141 Website Design II 60 3
GW150 Portfolio Development 60 3
EN100 Communication & Customer Relations 60 3
EN101 Employment Preparation 30 1
  TOTAL 720 33


Course Descriptions:

CP100 Computer Essentials (No prerequisite, 3 Semester Credit Hours)
This course introduces students to basic computer concepts using Windows Operating Systems and Microsoft Office Applications. Students get an overview of computing concepts and the basics of an Operating System. Students work with Microsoft Word to create, edit, and format standard word processing documents. Basic file management techniques are introduced to organize, store, and retrieve files and documents. Students move on to using Internet applications such as email, web search engines and networking and examine issues of internet security and privacy. Microsoft Office applications such as Excel will be introduced and via brief overview MS Office applications to create flyers, reports, tables and presentation graphics.

GW110 Introduction to Digital Imaging (Prerequisite:CP100,3 Semester Credit Hours)
This course provides students with knowledge and practical experience with pixel based image creation and editing using Adobe Photoshop. Students will learn all aspects of image editing, manipulation and compositing.

GW111 Computer Illustration (Prerequisite:CP100,3 Semester Credit Hours)
This class teaches the use of Adobe Illustrator, the industry standard for creating and editing vector graphics. Students will learn to illustrate via the use of the program, and create imagery for both artistic and for client-based purposes.

GW120 Introduction to Page Layout (Prerequisite:CP100, 3 Semester Credit Hours)
This course provides students with knowledge and practical experience with page layout and design using InDesign. Participants will learn how to create advertisements, brochures, flyers, logos, business identities, as well as multi-page publications in black-and-white, process and spot colors. Participants will be exposed to design theory and terminology.

GW121 Typographic Design (Prerequisites:GW110, GW111, 3 Semester Credit Hours)
This course is a study of letterforms – the construction, function, terminology and application of type as an element of visual design. Emphasis is given on the effective use of type in various mediums. Theory as well as practical application will be covered in this class.

GW122 Advanced Imaging Techniques (Prerequisites:GW110, GW111, 3 Semester Credit Hours)
This advanced-level digital imaging class continues techniques and themes taught in the Introduction to Digital Imaging and Computer Illustration classes. Work produced in this class will range from graphics creation for “real world” application to more artistic projects to expand the student’s grasp of aesthetics.

GW140 Website Design I (Prerequisite:CP100, 4 Semester Credit Hours)
Students will learn how to create web pages, complete websites and graphics for the web. Students will learn to code XHTML and CSS, and will also be introduced to other web technologies (Javascript, PHP). Through lecture and hands-on experience, students will create several websites as projects for this class.

GW141 Website Design II (Prerequisite:GW140, 4 Semester Credit Hours)
This class builds off of Website Design 1. Students will continue to create more complex web pages, and will produce 2 fully-working websites in this class. The software Adobe Dreamweaver will be utilized in this class.

GW150 Portfolio Development (Prerequisites:GW110, GW111, GW120, GW121, GW140, 1 Semester Credit Hours)
This capstone class is taken towards the end of the program. The student will refine their work created throughout the program and produce a visual design portfolio. Resume and cover letter writing will also be emphasized, so as to prepare the student for an internship or entry-level design position.

EN100 Communication & Customer Relations (No prerequisite, 3 Semester Credit Hours)
This course introduces students to effective written & verbal communication. They will explore the language of global business, alongside the study of leadership, management and communication across national boundaries with cultural understanding and awareness. In addition, this course provides students with the foundation of sound customer service and customer relations.

EP101 Employment Preparation (No prerequisite, l Semester Credit Hour)
In this seminar students are taught how to conduct a job search, including locating sources of employment, writing letters of application, creating a resume, and interviewing for a job with necessary follow-up procedures.