ESL – English as a Second Language

Chicago ORT Technical Institute offers a full range of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes from beginning to advanced levels. Students experience a nurturing learning environment and the best instruction possible. The ESL program teaches survival skills for entering the job market. The graduates of intermediate and advanced levels of this program have acquired sufficient English and job related information to successfully begin work.

The ESL program focuses on vocational preparation, socialization skills, and functional grammar in a cumulative program. At each level, new language skills are presented while the skills learned in prior levels are reinforced by increasingly sophisticated applications of interpersonal communication.

ESL Program Goals and Outcomes

• Express oral, reading and writing skills
• Identify the vocabulary and idiomatic expressions of the American culture
• Interpret and express humor and emotional states in the context of social and workplace conversation
• Apply hands on skills needed to use computers for work and life requirements
• Successfully compare information from a variety of sources for the continuation of education and work
• Apply learned information in order to perform successfully in real life situations.

Award Level Certificate
Program Length 8 months
Program Hours 30 or 36 semester credit hours

Employment opportunities

Packer Construction
Valet Housekeeping
Caregiver Shipping/Receiving Worker
Stocker Driver
Cashier Mechanic

Course outline for ESL 720 is available here.

Course outline for ESL 600 is available here.

To be admitted, applicants must be high school graduates or equivalent. An oral and written placement test determines initial student placement within the program. Incoming students are properly placed at a level consistent with their language skills.

ESL 720 Disclosure

ESL 600 Disclosure

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